Unity ECS Zombie Tutorial Update [1.0.14]

Overview Hello game developers, thank you for taking interest in my Unity ECS 1.0 Full Project Tutorial! I initially created this tutorial back in October 2022, shortly after the first experimental release of Unity ECS 1.0. Since then, there have been a few minor changes on the specifics about how things are implemented in the API. However, the main concepts of Data-Oriented Design remain the same. In the following post, I will be providing what needs to be changed in the original project, so that it is fully compatible with the latest version of the Unity Entities package which is…

by Johnny Thompson
April 6, 2023

Unity DOTS Roll-A-Ball – Entities 0.17 Update

Nearly two years ago I posted my first Unity DOTS/ECS tutorial onto the Turbo Makes Games YouTube channel. This tutorial was a recreation of the classic Unity Roll-A-Ball tutorial using Unity's Data-Oriented Technology Stack and their Entity Component system. Though many of the main concepts hold up two years later, a lot has changed in Unity ECS since then... The tutorial was originally created on Entities version 0.5 and the current version in early 2022 is 0.17. I do intend on creating a full update of this tutorial to show all the changes and best practices; however, I want to…

by Johnny Thompson
January 22, 2022