Hello! In this post I will detail any changes that need to be made to the Netcode for Entities MOBA Complete Course I created for the Turbo Makes Games YouTube channel.

For reference, here is the full video course:

ECS / Netcode Version 1.2.0-pre.12

Everything in the video still works on the 1.2.0-pre.12 versions of the entities packages although the video was filmed with the 1.2.0-pre.6 versions.

ECS / Netcode Version 1.2.0

I’ve confirmed that everything in the video does still work on the full, non-prerelease 1.2.0 version of all entities packages used.


If you are seeing any random errors in the console, try these things before proceeding:

  • Load and unload the subscene – easiest way to do this is check/uncheck the box next to the subscene in the scene hierarchy
  • Set the global Netcode config asset – Project Settings > Netcode. If the asset is already set, just set it to the same asset again

Entities Flash During Predicted Destruction

You may notice that sometimes predicted entities appear to flash a few times when they are supposed to get destroyed. This is particularly noticeable when running the game at a low simulation tick rate as pointed out by slickgotchi on the Unity forums.

Slickgotchi also discovered the culprit of this issue, that pesky networkTime.IsFirstTimeFullyPredictingTick

Simply by removing this line, entities should cleanup without flashing as expected:

if (!networkTime.IsFirstTimeFullyPredictingTick) return;